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Online VA Travel Reimbursement

Details: Everything you need to get reimbursed for travel. The VA has added on additional ways for you to file for travel reimbursement. You can still utilize the kiosk at the VA. But, you can also file for reimbursement online or with a form. Eligibility . A veteran or caregiver may be eligible for reimbursement. They must meet the following criteria:

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What to do once you get your VA Rating

Details: 5. File for VA travel pay. Generally if you have over a 30% overall rating you can file for travel pay for VA appointments. You will then receive a reimbursement of 41.5 Cents per mile. You can do this at the VA self serve kiosks, online, or by filing out a form. You can find out more here. 6. Check your state benefits.

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